homemade ice cream



in Ceredo & Huntington

At Austin’s, our mission is to serve our community with extraordinary ice cream and exceptional service.

The Best Sweet Treats Since 1947

The Best Sweet Treats Since 1947




The Market

“The best ice cream anywhere!”

Lisa M Hoose



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We are closing in on our last week of the season!! ☹️ (Ceredo location)

Be sure to try our fall flavors before or on our last day! Closing day: October 31st ( we are open on the 31st)

October hours ⏰ Sun- Thurs: 11 AM - 9 PM
Fri & Sat: 11 AM - 10 PM

It’s a perfect day to try one of our FALL SPECIALS! Open 11 - 10 PM!

All the FALL FLAVORS are available now too!!!

✨EMPLOYEE FEATURE FRIDAY✨ Our last two veterans to be featured this year. These two are sure to bring a smile to our customers faces and are finishing up their second season with us.

Name: Alivia K. & Kinley R.
Fav Flavors: Rocky Road & Winter Bluezz
Fav Treats: Hot Fudge Cake & Cinnamon Taco
Fun Facts: “I really like 90s movies” Alivia
“ I love all things fall” Kinley

We ❤️ you girls!

SPICED CHAI LATTE IS BACK! We tweaked the flavor a little and the ice cream master has done it again! This flavor is unreal and tastes just like drinking a chai latte!

Perfect combo for this weather!!! 🍨🫖

It’s a family affair.

We make the ice cream in house from grandma on down.